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The Potato Catalogue contains information of 70 potato varieties selected from breeding material provided by the International Potato Center (CIP) and released by national potato program.

Content of the Catalogue:
- Accession Number, is the CIP unique identification of the variety.
- Variety Name, with a list of common names under which the variety is known in different countries.
- Country, includes the countries where the variety is cultivated.
- Parentage, Female and male parents.
- Characteristics, distinguish traits of the variety includes:
    - Skin and flesh tuber color
    - Shape of tuber
    - Depth of tuber eye
    - Dry matter content of tuber
    - Growing period of the plant
    - Adaptation to climates and day length
    - Reaction to Late blight (Phythopthora infestans)
    - Reaction to potato leaf roll virus (PLRV) and potato virus Y (PVY)
    - Recommended use:
        - Table
        - French fry
        - Chips

     Download The Catalogue Potato Varieties (pdf)
Red Latinpapa

Red Latinpapa