Breeding tools


CIPCROSS is a Pocket PC application that supports the use and management of pockets and mobile printers in the routine operations of crossing in greenhouse.

Seed Inventory System

Seed Inventory System a web application that allows the correct management and storage of botanical seed; it facilitates the recording and accessing... CIPSIS page

Pedigree Book System

Pedigree Book System provides facilities to document germplasm generation that breeders of the 'Genetics, Genomics & Crop Improvement' create. CIPPEDIGREE page


HIDAP is a tool designed to help potato & sweetpotato plant breeders carry out field trial planning, documentation, analysis and reporting.

Similarity Tool

MaxEnt is used to identify areas that experience statistically similar climatic conditions, but which may be separated temporally and/or spatially. CSST page

Field Book Registry

Field Book Registry is a system that manages the field books of researchers International Potato Center. The system is responsible for updating... CIPFBR page

Roots & Tubers Base

Roots & Tubers Base is a freely available, open source, federated database system that provides unified access to disparate, geographically... Go page

Open Access

Open Access is vitally important to increase the visibility, accessibility and impact of the research of CIP and other agricultural research for development stakeholders.