Thirty top clones selected for their early tuberization and bulking under long day-length and warm conditions
CIP NumberCollecting number/Breeder code/Biosafety codeHealth Status CIPParent Female (CIP Number)Parent FemaleParent Male (CIP Number) Parent MaleAttributes (resistances)
CIP 300072.1 LR00.022 HS2 95.139CIP 392820.1392820.1=(C93.154) PVX, PLRV
CIP 300093.14 LR00.026 HS2 95.206CIP 392820.1392820.1=(C93.154)
CIP 301023.15 C01.020 HS2 CIP 391180.6391180.6=(C90.266) CIP 387170.9 CIP 387170.9Late blight
CIP 301026.23 C01.040 HS2 CIP 389746.29223.372036854777BOGNA
CIP 301045.74 C01.174 HS2 CIP 387205.59223.372036854777CIP 391207.2391207.2=(LR93.050)
CIP 385561.124 NE92.124 HS2 38) 8 ML 91.007 PVX, Chip color
CIP 388615.22 C91.640 HS2 B-71-240.2 CIP 386614.16386614.16=(XY.16) PVY, PVX, PLRV, Chip color
CIP 388676.1 Y84.027 HS2 CIP 378015.189223.372036854777PVY-BK Late blight
CIP 390478.9 C90.170 HS2 CIP 720087720087=(SERRANA) CIP 386287.1386287.1=(XY.4) PVY, PVX
CIP 390637.1 93.003HS2 PW-31 CIP 385305.1385305.1=(XY.9) PVY, PVX, Chip color
CIP 391207.2 LR-93.050 HS2 CIP 800959800959=(GRANOLA) CIP 385305.1385305.1=(XY.9) PVY, PVX, PLRV
CIP 392780.1 C92.172 HS2 CIP 703364703364=(SEDAFIN) YY.3 PVY
CIP 392820.1 C93.154 HS2 MONALISA CIP 388216.1388216.1=(YY.5) PVY, PVX, PLRV
CIP 392822.3 LR-93.073 HS2 MARIELA YY.1 PVY, PLRV, Chip color
CIP 394881.8 95.118HS2 B84-606.5 CIP 386287.1386287.1=(XY.4) PVY, PVX, Chip color
CIP 395186.6 C95.406 HS2 C91.902 C92.032 PVX
CIP 395192.1 C95.381HS2 CIP 388611.22388611.22=(C91.612) C92.044 PVY, PVX, PLRV, Chip color
CIP 395193.6 C95.416 HS2 CIP 388611.22388611.22=(C91.612) C92.030 PVY, PVX, Chip color
CIP 396311.1 C95.276 HS2 CIP 391925.29223.372036854777C92.030 PVY, PVX
CIP 397014.2 506.2HS2 CIP 392739.4392739.4=(92.062) 88.108Late blight
CIP 397039.53 C97.182 HS2 CIP 388615.22388615.22=(C91.640) CIP 388972.22388972.22=(C89.315) PVY, PVX
CIP 397044.25 WA.055 HS2 CIP 388611.22388611.22=(C91.612) CIP 391180.6391180.6=(C90.266) PVY, PVX
CIP 397073.16 WA.104 HS2 CIP 392823.4392823.4=(LR93.120) CIP 392820.1392820.1=(C93.154) PVX
CIP 397077.16 WA.077/320.16 HS2 CIP 392025.7392025.7=(LR93.221) CIP 392820.1392820.1=(C93.154) PVY, PVX
CIP 397099.4 WA.073 HS2 CIP 392822.3392822.3=(LR93.073) CIP 391207.2391207.2=(LR93.050) PVY, PVX, PLRV
CIP 397100.9 163.9HS2 CIP 392823.4392823.4=(LR93.120) CIP 391207.2391207.2=(LR93.050) PVY, PVX, PLRV
CIP 397196.8 C99.250 HS2 CIP 392797.229223.372036854777CIP 388611.22388611.22=(C91.612) PVY, PVX
CIP 398098.65 9223.372036854777HS2 CIP 393371.589223.372036854777CIP 392639.319223.372036854777PVX
CIP 800827 AtlanticHS2 CIP 800823800823=(WAUSEON) B-5141.6 R1A,R1B (GENE H1) (Cyst Nematode