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BioCASE connectivity up-coming

BioCASE provides access to European biological collections. Presently, we are working on a prototype that will be demoed at FOSS4G.

This functionality is based on uDIG 1.1 and not yet included in the DIVA-GIS available for download (which are based on the latest uDig 1.0.x stable release).

As soon as we make the transition to uDIG 1.1 - hopefully soon - we the BIOCASE connectivity will be available. Keep checking for updates.

We've posted on SourceForge a BETA version for DIVA-GIS on Linux.

A known bug is that the online Help is not active.

Try it here: Downloads 

Version 6.0.2 available

An update version of DIVA-GIS is available. It includes now grid file based functionality again.


DIVA-GIS (Annapurna) will be presented at FOSS4G 2006 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

See conference program

DIVA-GIS in the news!

DIVA-GIS application is mentioned in a technology white paper from the open source project "Eclipse" on the underlying uDig technology.

See more details here: 

DIVA-GIS 6.0 released

DIVA-GIS 6.0 (Annapurna) is ready! With this release we introduce the Eclipse RCP update manager for DIVA-GIS functionality.

Issue tracking for general public

For reporting issues regarding please use our JIRA-based online system. You must first register.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

DIVA-GIS 6.0 close to release

Keep checking! The release 6.0 will have as it's main goal to establish a basic GIS for plant genetic resources taking advantage of new internet technologies while modernizing and simplifying the user interface. Long time users of DIVA may miss the one or other function from the former Delphi versions - these will be added shortly as we re-organize and improve them. They will be organized according to themes and will be separate downloads. The goal is that each user will only need to install what he needs.

Update on Sourceforge!

The DIVA-GIS installer and src-code (Eclipse/uDig plugins) for RC5 of version 6 are now also available from SourceForge. After reports of slow connectivity from this server please consider SourceForge as the first choice for Downloads.

New doc available!

We added more screenshots and screen-capture demos.

New Release candidate is out!

DIVA-GIS 6.0 RC5 (Annapurna) is available!

Download here!