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Forecasting and Decision Support Systems (DSS)


Check out the following sites for info on LB forecasting

Disease model database from California.  This has a good description of most late blight forecasting models.

Decision Support Systems in Europe .  A brief discussion of DSS in Europe by Huub Schepers.

General description and history.  This is by Neil Gudmestad and is posted by the American Phytopathogolical Society.  Emphasis is on forecasting blight in the US.

Blightcast at the University of Minnesota This DSS use is ongoing.

Wageningen - UR   If you click on Publications on this webpage you will find the complete text of the Proceedings of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Workshops of an European Network for Development of an Integrated Control Strategy of Potato Late Blight, which have a lot of information on DSS.

CASTOR 2.0 .  Late Blight Forecasting Models and the Castor 2.0 Software 


Other good articles about forecasting:

Resource materials      

There are some good historical reviews of forecasting that you should be familiar with.

1. Fry, W. E., and Doster, M. A. 1991. Potato late blight: forecasts and disease suppression. Pages 326-336 in: Phytophthora. J. A. Lucas, R. C. Shattock, D. S. Shaw, and L. R. Cooke, eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

2. Grünwald, N. J., Rubio-Covarrubias, O. A., and Fry, W. E. 2000. Potato late-blight management in the Toluca Valley: forecasts and resistant cultivars. Plant Dis. 84: 410-416.

3. Fry, W. E., Apple, A. E., and Bruhn, J. A. 1983. Evaluation of potato late blight forecasts modified to incorporate host resistance and fungicide weathering. Phytopathology 73: 1054-1059.

4. Harrison, J. G. 1992. Effects of the aerial environment on late blight of potato foliage - a review. Plant-Pathology 41: 384-416.