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Projects Specials 2006

  • Andean Agriculture in Altiplano Project (ALTAGRO)
  • Integrating and Scaling-up and replicating technologies for resource-poor potato growers
    (IFAD-CIP TAG 652)
  • Improving potato late blight control strategies for resource-poor farmers in low in-put agriculture in Andean Ecuador
  •  Exotic strains of Pytophthora infestans in the Andes ? genetically isolated curiosities or time bombs for native Solanaceous crops?
    Pathogen Bio, ZIL Quito (SDC)
  • JPO  Peter Gildemacher (Government of  Netherlands)

Projects Specials 2005

  • Effects of Potato mop top virus infection on major U.S. Potato varieties
  • Developing strategies for effective use of the Granulosis virus-based biopesticide for potato tuber moth management
    (Government of Germany)
  • Strengthening innovation social science and high quality participatory research at CIP (CIAT)
  • Large-scale deployment of improved sweetpotatoes in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Promotion of sustainable sweetpotato production and post-harvest management through farmer field schools in East Africa

Projects Specials 2004

  • Integrated Management of Bacterial Wilt and Soil-Borne Diseases of Potato in Farmer Communities of the Inter-Andean Valleys of Peru and Bolivia (DFID)
  • Managing the Andean potato weevil.  A low-cost strategy to enhance food security for resource-poor families in the Andes(Government of Luxembourg)
  • Integrating Crop Management for improving Food Security and Competitiveness of Resource Poor Potato Growers in Latin America (OPEC)
  • Computer Simulation Models: A tool for transferring IPM Technologies from Developed to Developing Countrie (USDA ? ARO)
  • Variability in Phytophthora infestans and its potential role in breeding for resistance in potato (SDC)
  • Consultancy in Potato Late Blight in Papua New Guine (ACIAR)
  • Integrated management of major insects pests of potatoes
  • Integrated management of major insects pests of potatoes in hillside systems in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia (DFID)
  • Control of the leafminer fly, Liriomyza huidobrencisi, in potatoes trough Integrated Pest Management (USDA)
  • Desarrollo de sistemas de Manejo Integrado de Plagas (MIP) para control de insectos, plagas y enfermedades en papa por agricultores de los valles mesodérmicos de Bolivia (CIAT)