Special thanks to...

  • Cecilia Ferreyra and the library staff at CIP, who provided invaluable support in obtaining information resources, some not so readily available.  Their work has been essential to the atlas. 

Many CIP colleagues have been involved with this project, including a few former colleagues responsible for the initial atlas (descriptions as of August 31, 2006): 

  • Merideth Bonierbale: Senior Potato Breeder and Leader of the Germplasm and Crop Improvement Division.
  • Dindo Campilan: Social scientist and leader of UPWARD, a CIP Partnership Program on participatory research for sustainable root and tuber livelihoods in Asia.
  • Carlo Carli: Regional Seed Specialist for CIP-CAC (Central Asia and Caucasus) based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, with the Consultative Group on International Research (CGIAR) Program for the CAC.
  • Charles Crissman: Deputy Director General for Research.  During the preparation of the atlas, Charles was CIP's Regional Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Stef de Haan: Agroecologist based in Huancayo, Peru, with experience in in-situ conservation, breeding, and rural development issues in general.
  • Greg Forbes: Late Blight (LB) specialist working with resource-poor farmers to better manage LB via host plant resistance, population dynamics and integrated disease management.
  • Keith Fuglie: Until August 1, 2006, leader of CIP's Impact Enhancement Division and previously CIP Regional Representative to East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
  • Robert Hijmans: GIS Specialist at CIP headquarters from 1994 to 2002, currently GIS Specialist at the International Rice Research Institute, Philippines.
  • Lisa Huaccho: GIS Assistant at CIP headquarters for several years, until 2000.
  • Henry Juarez: GIS Specialist in the Research Informatics Unit who provided crop data for the atlas; his work focuses on biodiversity and urban and peri-urban land use dynamics.
  • Mohinder Kadian: Agronomist working with the CIP Southwest and Central Asia Office, based in New Delhi, India.
  • Oscar Ortiz: Leader of the Integrated Crop Management Division.
  • Robert Rhoades: Development Specialist at CIP headquarters from 1979 to 1991, currently a professor of anthropology at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia (USA).
  • Reinhard Simon: Head of the Research Informatics Unit, where his work focuses on biodiversity and genomics.
  • Kelly Theisen: Occasional presence at the Research Informatics Unit, with several years experience in Africa, most recently in Sierra Leone where he directed a collaborative agricultural research project.
  • Graham Thiele: Leader of CIP's Impact Enhancement Division.  During the preparation of the atlas, Graham was based in Quito, Ecuador, working to promote market oriented innovation with potatoes in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.
  • None