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Projects und Sub Projects


Tentative sub-projects

Outputs for MTP

1. Improved seed and
agronomy for potato and sweetpotato

Ian Barker

1. Management of potato seed.

Ian Barker
2. Management of
sweetpotato seed

Ian Barker

3. Agronomic integration of potato ICM

A. Oswald

4. Agronomic integration of sweetpotato ICM

R. Kapinga

Output 1: Strategies  for improving formal and farmer-based seed systems towards enhancing potato and sweetpotato production efficiency validated in LAC, SSA and Asia (3-5 years)

Output 2.  Strategies for improved agronomy management as components of ICM in potato and sweetpotato cropping systems developed in key countries in LAC, SSA and Asia (5 years)

2. Integrated disease
management (IDM) for
potato and sweetpotato

G. Forbes

1. Management of LB

G. Forbes

2. Management of BW

S. Priou

3. Management of potato viruses

 I. Barker

4. Management of sweetpotato viruses
I. Barker

Output 3: Management components against potato and sweetpotato diseases ? late blight (LB), bacterial wilt (BW) and viruses ? developed, tested and disseminated within ICM strategies in LAC, SSA and Asian priority countries (3-5 years)

3. Integrated pest management for potato and

J. Kroschel

1. Developing potato IPM

J. Kroschel

2. Developing sweetpotato IPM

J. Kroschel

Output 4: Management components agains potato and sweetpotato insect pests (APW, PTM, LMF) developed as part of ICM strategies in LAC, SSA and Asia priority countries (3-5 years)

4. Innovation systems for ICM

O. Ortiz

1. Innovation system for
potato ICM

O. Ortiz

2. Innovation systems for sweetpotato ICM

D. Campilan

Output 5: Strategies and methods for socioeconomic integration of ICM components developed and made available for improving potato and sweetpotato innovation systems in LAC, SSA and Asia conditions.