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Data dictionary: Harvest evaluations

Characteristic Abbreviation Formula Scale / State Unit
Number of tubers planted NTP Count
Number of plants emerged NPE Count
Plant uniformity Plant_Unif 1=Very heterogeneous;3=Heterogeneous;5=Medium;7=Uniform;9=very uniform. Degree
Plant growth habit PGH 1 = Erect; 2 = Semi-erect; 3 = Decumbent; 4 = Prostate; 5 = Semi-rosette; 6 = Rosette. Degree
Plant vigor Plant_Vigor 1= Very weak; 2=between 1 and 3; 3=Weak; 4 = between 3 and 4; 5= Medium; 6 = between 4 and 5; 7= 7=Vigorous; 8 = between 7 and 9; 9= Very vigorous. Degree
Flowering degree Flower 0=No bud; 1 = Aborted buds; 3 = Low flowering; 5 = Moderate flowering; 7 = Profuse flowering. Degree
Senescence SE 1 = Very late; 3 = Late; 5 = Medium; 7 = Early; 9 = Very early Degree
Percentage of foliage affected by Late Blight 1,2,3,...,12 LB1, L2, LB3,...LB12 Percentage
AUDPC AUDPC Percentage
rAUDPC rAUDPC Percentage
Percentage plants emerged PPE (NPE*100)/NPP Percentage
Number of plants harvested NPH Count
Percentage of plants harvested PPH (NPH*100)/NPP Percentage
Number marketable tubers category I/plot NMTCI Count
Number marketable tubers category II/plot NMTCII Count
Number of non-marketable tubers/plot NNoMTP Count
Total number of tubers/plot TNTP NMTCI+NMTCII+NNoMTP Count
Total number of tubers/plant TNTPL TNTP/NPH Count
Number marketable tubers/plot NMTP NMTCI+NMTCII Count
Number marketable tubers/plant NMTPL NMTP/NPH Count
Marketable tuber weight category I /plot MTWCI kg
Marketable tuber weight category II/plot MTWCII kg
Non-marketable tuber weight/plot NoMTWP kg
Total tuber weight/plot TTWP MTWCI+MTWCII+NoMTWP kg
Total tuber weight/plant TTWPL TTWP/NPH kg/pl
Total tuber yield adjusted TTYA t/ha
Total tuber yield no adjusted TTYNA t/ha
Marketable tuber weight/plot MTWP kg
Marketable tuber weight/plant MTWPL kg
Marketable tuber yield adjusted MTYA t/ha
Marketable tuber yield no adjusted MTYNA t/ha
Number of Stolons Num_Stolon 1 = Very few; 3 = Few; 5 = Medium; 7 = High; 9 = Very high. Degree
Lenght of the stolon Leng_Stolon 1= Very short ; 3=Short; 5=Medium; 7=Long; 9=Very long. Degree
Tuber Appearance Tuber_Apper 1= Very poor ; 3= Poor ; 5= Regular; 7= Good; 9= Very good. Degree
Tuber Uniformity Tub_Unif 1 = Very heterogeneous; 3 = Heterogeneous; 5 = Intermediate; 7 = Uniform; 9 = Very uniform. Degree
Tuber Size Tub_Size 1 = Very small; 3 = Small; 5 = Medium; 7 = Large; 9 = Very large. Degree
Average tuber weight ATW Grams
Average marketable tuber weight ATMW Grams
Fresh weight of tuber sample1 FWTS1 Grams
Fresh weight of tuber sample2 FWTS2 Grams
Dry weight of tuber sample1 DWTS1 Grams
Dry weight of tuber sample2 DWTS2 Grams
Dry matter content sample1 DM1 Percentage
Dry matter content sample2 DM2 Percentage
Average dry matter AVDM Percentage
Tuber weight in air TWA
Tuber weight in water TWW
Specific gravity SG
Initial weight sample1 IWS1 Grams
Initial weight sample2 IWS2 Grams
Final weight sample1 FWS1 Grams
Final weight sample2 FWS2 Grams
Oil content sample1 percentage OCS1 Percentage
Oil content sample2 percentage OCS2 Percentage
Average oil content percentage AOCP Percentage
Chipping color Chip_Color 1 = Light; 2 = Moderately light; 3 = Moderately dark; 4 = Dark; 5 = Very dark. Degree
French_Fries_Color FFR Count
Texture_French_Fries TEXFR Count
Texture_Chips TEXCH Count
Characteristic Abbreviation Formula Description Unit