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 Versions 4.x-till present 6.x (since 2003/9):

 DIVA-GIS 6.0 is a complete re-write from scratch in Java. The source-code live repository can be found for the time being on the udig community site under UDig Repository. Source code zip file is available from

Project lead
Reinhard Simon

Funding is provided at present by CIP and the Generation Challenge Program. The latter under sub-contracts with IRRI.

Collaboration - 1
DIVA-GIS 6.0 is based on the open source GIS platform uDig from Refractions. We thank Jody Garnett for training and the uDIG community and technical backstopping on the chat-channels and developer lists.
uDig in turn is based on Eclipse.

 Domain modeling
Edwin Rojas, Isaiah Mukema (IRRI),  Richard Bruskiewich (IRRI), Reinhard Simon

We acknowledge Atlassian company for donating corporate license for Confluence (an Enterprise level wiki) and JIRA - a software issue tracking system.
We acknowledge Sourceforge for providing download space.

Collaboration - 2
Together with IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) we develop a "location and environment domain model" under the Generation Challenge Program (GCP) and integrate DIVA-GIS into the GCP bioinformatics platform. See our collaboration sites for the software on Cropforge and Cropwiki.

 GCP platform integration
Luis Avila, Martin Senger (IRRI: BioMoby/BioCASE), Edwin Rojas,  Arllet Portugal (IRRI:ICIS integration), Graham McLaren (IRRI:ICIS integration, GCP platform integration)


Collaboration - 3
CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Integration: This is a plannedl collaboration where eventually the technologies employed with DIVA-GIS will be extended to standardize and harmonize GIS tools from within the CGIAR community under the leadership of CIP. This was a consenus reached at the CSI meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, 2005.

Magna Schmitt, Luis Avila, Juan Carlos Gonzales, Edwin Rojas

Collaboration - 4
Together with IRRI and IPGRI we develop the connection to BioCASE via BioMoby. Special credits go to Martin Senger (IRRI) as the driver and link between the programmers at the other CG centers IPGRI (Milko Skofic), and CIP (Luis Avila, Magna Schmitt) 

Evaluation & usability control
Juan Carlos Gonzales, Henry Juarez, Mariana Cruz, Reinhard Simon


Juan Carlos Gonzales, Magna Schmitt, Luis Avila



Versions 1.0-3,0 (till 2003/8):

Note: The Delphi-source code of version 3.0 was subsequently made available by CIP under an open source license on sourceforge.

Project lead 
Robert Hijmans 

Luigi Guarini

Edwin Rojas, Mariana Cruz, Israel Barrantes 

Financial support has come from CIP, IPGRI, SGRP/SINGER and FAO/WIEWS, with additional support from USDA-ARS, SENASA, BMZ and ESRI.