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Data Base by Repetitions

Data Base by Averages


1. Click on the "New" button at top left to start a new query or start over.
2. Select a database (currently DB_POTATO) and a dataset in the main part of the screen "Potato".
3. This will fill activate "Filters" and "Attributes" on the left hand.
4. Click 'Filter' to access all available restriction criteria. As you progress setting filters they will added to the pre-configured list. Example: Search by Accession number: CIP703168 and select "Chemical Reviews Clones"all minerals experiments..
5.You can use the "Count" button to count how many records the filters return. 

6. Click "Attributes" to select the attributes or fields you want to include in the output file.
7. Click the 'Results' button to generate the final table.
8. You may export to some standard tabular formats (like CSV and XLS)