The general objective of CIP’s standard evaluation trials is to document the characteristics of advanced selections for improved communication with evaluators and selectors in cooperating variety development programs.

Specific objectives:

  • To standardize evaluation and documentation procedures concerning the performance of advanced breeding materials.
  • To document the performance of products from the different projects in CIP, for primary and secondary characteristics, and new sources of specific traits.

To improve the management of information on the identity and performance of advanced breeding materials evaluated by cooperating programs.

The selection of improved clones from CIP’s advanced populations is conducted in Peru and in the regions. This new activity documents the performance of CIP materials bred for resistance to late blight, viruses, or other traits, to orient their utilization in variety development for priority agro ecologies/regions, and to support the combination of complementary characteristics available in CIP or other germplasm, in comprehensive breeding programs. Uniform evaluation and documentation of CIP breeding products is expected to assist in their recognition and effective utilization as parental materials or varieties. Furthermore, the adoption of standard methodologies and documentation procedures at the institutional level is expected to contribute to our ability to measure progress toward breeding objectives. While the present series of trials is intended to help document clonal performance, future attention is needed to facilitate the documentation of breeding value of progenitors developed in the breeding program.

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