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Global Crop Diversity Trust has put efforts in exploring ways in which crop wild relatives and landrace diversity can be used in breeding programs more effectively by better linking genebanks and plant breeders (and vice versa). In the framework of the Crop Trust's project: "Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Collecting, Protecting and Preparing Crop Wild Relatives", it supports selected crops which have great impacts on the foundations of food security and sustainable livelihoods. In addition to enriching genebank collections, the project supports the evaluation of existing pre-breeding materials and sharing of data about them and wild relatives as they are characterized in the context of use in breeding programs.

The goal of the project named “Sustainable use of potato crop wild relatives (CWR) and development of a prebreeding core collection with key climate change-related traits” (Dec. 2013-2016) is to enhance potato’s adaptation to climate change through systematic use of wild germplasm. We use landrace and improved germplasm to capture and incorporate potato CWR diversity into more readily usable forms of hybrid progenies and health tested progenitors. The resulting new intermediate breeding products will expedite the delivery of novel and complementary resistance sources to variety development programs.

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