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Identify your potato with DNA markers

A molecular Khipu based on the individual profiles of alleles against the overall
allele frequencies in a collection of genotypes.

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The potato genetic identity kit is made of 24 informative SSR markers useful for genotyping potato landraces. These markers were selected based on quality criteria,
genome coverage, and locus-specific information content. We selected two SSR markers per chromosome with
a linkage distance of at least 10 cM and with a high polymorphic information content (PIC) value.
The new potato genetic identity kit will be of particular utility to standardize the choice and allele sizing of
microsatellites in potato and aid in collaborative projects by allowing cumulative analysis of independently generated data.
This research was supported by the Grant SP1C2-2004-5 from the Generation Challenge Program,
the International PotatoCenter, and by National Science Foundation Division of&linkCreation=true&fromPageId=11311" class="createlink"linktype="raw" linktext="U.S.National Science Foundation Division of

U.S.National Science Foundation Division of">U.S.National Science Foundation Division of
Environmental Biology (NSF DEB) 0316614 entitled: A world-wide treatment of Solanum.

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Enquieries: Marc Ghislain (m dot ghislain at cgiar dot org)

A database including more SSR and COS marker tested at CIP is accessible here:
SSR-locus SSR-primer Linkage group Allele COS-Markers Acknowledgments

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