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Genebank Services IT Workplan 2017

Last Update: 02 February 2017, Next meeting: ??


Update documentation of workflows for genebank services requests also list of features

0%Rocio/Edwin/CarlosPublished documents12 weeksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
02Integration of internal interface and improvements0%CarlosWeb tested by user18 weeksooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRegister request, migrate internal interface, improve reports, automatic email alerts. This activity include software test and review current system.
03Interface to manage security and email alerts by different levels0%CarlosWeb tested by user12 weeks xxxxxxoo  Permissions by request, by activity, by power user, by teamwork
04Integration with CIPVIR to generate monitoring reports0%CarlosWeb tested by user11 week xxxxxxxx   
05Integration with OCS-Agresso0%CarlosWeb tested by user11 week  xxxx  Validate account, reserve budget, charge cost
06Monitoring interface to facilitate data analysis0%Carlos

Web tested by user

22 weeks   xxxxxxxxDynamic charts and indicators base on PowerBI
07Support the current internal Web interface0%CarlosMonttly report of issues22 weeksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx