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About the CIPSER System

CIPSER is a full mobile solution for plant inventory management, implemented by CIP.
User Manual based in Videos (spanish version)

Quick Installation Guide (spanish version)

Quick User Guide (spanish version)

User Manual (spanish version)

Scope of CIPSER System

CIP conserves 13 crop collections in the form of seeds in 5 chambers for long- and medium-term periods:







Native Potato

Rene Gomez



Wild Potato

Alberto Salas



Native Sweetpotato

Genoveva Rossel



Wild Sweetpotato

Genoveva Rossel


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Achira (Canna indica)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Ashipa (Pachyrhizus ashipa)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Mauka (Mirabilis expansa)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Oca (Oxalis tuberosa)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus)

Carlos Arbizu


ARTC (Andean Root and Tubers Crop)

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius)

Carlos Arbizu

System Modules and Features

To date, the security and inventory modules have been implemented. Others are under development.

General features


Bilingual interface (English, 2nd language) to choose one

For international staff or local staff

Is Open Source (TBD: posting on SourceForge)


Supports barcodes: EAN 128 with checksum

Simplifying the germplasm identification

Designed for mobile devices


Use thermal transfer for barcodes for better quality and durability



Core tables based on ICIS - IMS



Compliant with GCP Domain model (updating)



Compliant with Multicrop Passport Descriptor - MCPD 



Simplify inventory management needs for genebanks.It manages:
  - different collection forms: seeds, herbarium, DNA and cryo-preservation
  - multiple cold stores for different users (curators, breeders)
  - its data entry screens are designed for handheld or pocket PCs using bar-code
     for logging the operator, transactions, materials, date/time and locations
  - user rights are assigned through a separate web-based application
  - it logs the whole history of transactions




Click for full view.





Authenticated user and assign roles.

- Validate user name and password using LDAP or user table
- Assign roles to the user authenticated for crop collections access
- Assign roles to the user authenticated for seed chamber access for each crop collection
- Assign list of lot containers that can manipulate for each seed chamber
- Select language: English or other language (at present, Spanish is the only alternative available)


Update germplasm inventory for locations and quantity

- Work with multiple crop collections
- Work with multiple chambers
- Work with multiple seed containers (example: envelope, bag, bottle)
- Work with multiple lot containers (example: metal box, plastic box, wood box)
- Assign unique ID for each lot
- Register seed quantity
- Register seed location (lot container)
- Track seed quantity history
- Track seed locations (movement) history between chambers 
- Track seed locations (movement) history inside chamber between shelf
- Track seed source history: from single lot, merge lots or split in multiple lots

- Register the justification for the seed increment or decrement (example: Regeneration for Conservation, Correct Errors (daily work)
Discard/Loss, Acquisition, Distribution, Inventory Adjustments - annual activity, Other) 

- Search germplasm by names, seed container, lot container
- Print labels with barcode from mobile device 
- Update location, type and year cross for each lot
- Register type of seed container for each lot (envelope, bag or bottle)
- Validate lot container name exists for the chamber selected
- Save transaction history to increment or decrement seed quantity
- Select printer target from list

- Register which user modifies and when for each seed increment or decrement

- Main message to the user additionally to show on screen. A voice is heard (WAV files). 




System Screen Shots







Sub-Modules selection, organized
with Tabs at bottom


Select crop collection and chamber


Register new lot


Search germplasm by filters


Message when germplasm not found

Show search results

Select seed container (envelope,...)


Select type cross source


Select lot container (box,...)


Search by lot container (box,...) to print list





Barcode Label types


Type Label


Label Structure/Size

Label Image 1

Label Image 2

For seed containers



For Lot containers



For shelf








Types of Seed Containers





Aluminium Envelope

  • Aluminium envelope 21.5 x 17 cm
  • Aluminium envelope 6 x 8 cm
  • Aluminium envelope 8 x 12 cm
  • Cutting aluminium


Paper Envelope

  • Paper envelope 8.6 x 5.8 cm


Paper bag

  • Paper bag
  • Paper bag



Types of Lot Containers



Plastic Box

Metalic Box







Seed Movement inside Chamber

Seed movement.

System Codification for Shelf and Lot Containers, Boxes

Rules of codification for shelf and Lot Containers:

  • Use numbers (these are easier to remember and determine location)
  • Start numbering from door entry
  • Start from 1 to n to chamber 1
  • Start from n+1 to n to chamber 2
  • Start from m+1 to n to chamber 3
  • Assign numbers from left to right
  • Assign numbers from top to bottom

Workflow for Potato Conservation

This is a map-like view of the flow of activities, and is useful:
 - As an introduction to germplasm conservation activities for visitors or new staff
 - For identifying bottlenecks
 - For identifying long patches
 - For identifying key points to monitor
 - For helping developers of software implementation to support workflow activities




Logic Database Model

For data dictionary review:

Physical Database 

Once installed the system to enter User: lrrojas & Password: 123

Germplasm Transactions Types

Developer Perspective

User Perspective


Download Source Code and Installer

version. 1.01

Source Code

Download Database Sample

Click to download Relational Model Sample

Tools used for development and requirements

Hardware Resources




Many thanks to IRRI staff from BBU for collaboration in this work. Especially to Graham McLaren, Arllet Portugal, Sison Lilibeth and Prantilla Roniela.