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ARI.10  Describe any new developments in accession data or data management


 App to check quality control of barcode labels on vessels, for Windows Mobile and Windows 7,8JanuaryA.Panta
 New features in in vitro system:  
 --------- Create usersJanuaryEverybody
 --------- View unique ID of transaction by each propagationJanuaryA.Panta/N.Franco
 --------- New email alert when exists double entries with active statusJanuaryA.Panta
 --------- New report of propagations by processJanuaryA.Panta
 --------- New feature to copy/paste blocksJanuaryEverybody
 --------- Assign lot medium number by writingJanuaryA.Panta
 --------- Search by grid in propagationsJanuaryA.Panta
 --------- Sort by date attributesJanuaryR.Vollmer
 --------- View Data Dictionary when right clic over a columnFebruaryA.Panta
 --------- Activate email notifications for RTAs list evaluations and assign evaluatorsFebruaryA.Panta/V.Egusquiza
 --------- Create 2 new attributes for  "ivc test NB"FebruaryA.Panta
 --------- Fast export to Excel from CIPTCL viewFebruaryALL
 New features in the laboratory chemicals & supplies system:  
 --------- Print labels of suppliesJanuaryN.Franco
 --------- Update assign permissions to manage unique IDsFebruaryN.Franco
 New features in the germplasm safety backup system  
 --------- Refined formulas for date sent and process statusJanuaryN.Franco
 --------- Reestablish communication between Huancayo Wireless and Lima database for PocketPCJanuary/FebruaryN.Franco/S.Povis
 --------- When move one rack assign stock 0 to the origin stockFebruaryN.Franco/A.Panta
 New features in the Cryo system  
 --------- When print labels update automatically in 2 attributes the ubication and stockFebruaryR.Vollmer/J.Sanchez
 --------- Manage user and permissions of Cryo under CIPTCLFebruaryR.Vollmer
 New features in the germplasm phytosanitary  
 --------- New attribute for Post-Entry Quarantine to report totalsFebruaryB.Zea
 New features in the germplasm distribution system  
 --------- Automatic alert notification of distribution request not attended in 6 daysJanuaryR.Falcon
 --------- New report for top 10 accessions by institution categoryJanuaryR.Falcon
 --------- Select materials by blockJanuaryR.Vollmer
 --------- Assign and search by request of repatrationsFebruaryR.Falcon
 --------- Improve spanish and english version for CIPTCL distributioinFebruaryR.Vollmer
 --------- Email notifications for di vitro distributions with more than 6 days not responf availabilityFebruaryR.Falcon
 INIA Support  
 --------- Documentation for barcodes specifications and visit the GenebankFebruaryN.Barkley/C.Zorrilla
 Other activities  
 --------- Check and test new servers provided by ITU for database and WebJanuary/FebruaryITU/E.Rojas
 --------- Check and test new server provided by ITU for PivotBIJanuary/FebruaryITU/E.Rojas
 --------- Document workflow for IT support provided by ITUFebruaryITU/E.Rojas/G.Carpio
 --------- Publish and check integrity of new database structure for CryoJanuary/FebruaryP.Velasco/R.Vollmer
 --------- Help to improve monthly spreadsheet with totals for Genesys FebruaryE.Rojas
 --------- Publish to GenesysFebruaryE.Rojas
 --------- Coordinate wiyh Genesys manager to register new CIP emailFebruaryR.Falcon
 --------- Suppoer when move printers for USB or IP connection with PC or PocketPCJanuary/FebruaryALL
 --------- Create workplans for Jose and Carlos March August 2017January/FebruaryR.Silvestre
 --------- Coordinate with ITU to receive training on PivotBI and OneDriveFabruaryITU/E.Rojas
 --------- Guide to Charo/Marleni/Veronica distribution requests pending to be updatedFebruaryALL report TRUST
 --------- Publish specifications of barcode labelsFebruaryGenebanks