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Barcode Labels Specifications for Cryo and DNA


Specifications and Pics


Provider: Zebra
Type of Label: Zebra 8000T Cryocool
Label size: 1.500 " x 0.516 ", 2 columns
Type of print: Thermal transfer
Labels per roll: 4000
Cost per roll: $130 US dollars
Type of Material: Synthetic of Polypropylene
Minimum Application Temperature: -20° F /  -29° C
Service Temperature: -320° F to 190° F  /  -196° C to 88° C
Description: Polypropylene label with a cold-temp permanent acrylic adhesive that offers
extremely low-temperature as low as -196°C for liquid nitrogen applications.
Excellent smear/scratch resistance.
Good durability and chemical resistance.

Suppliers Guide



Manufacture: Zebra
Local Provider: (Lima-Peru)
Type of Ribbon: Resin
Model: Zebra 5095
Cost: Box of 6 rolls per 450 USD
Description: Use this performance resin ribbon for printing high-density bar codes and high-resolution
graphics on a wide range of synthetic materials.


PrinterManufacture: Zebra
Local Provider: (Lima-Peru)
Model: Zebra ZT410 of 300 DPI
Cost: 1400 USD


Barcode Symbology: Data Matrix, used for tubes and boxes.


Cryo Tube




Fisher Scientific


Type of Cryotube:

Sterile Cryogenic Vials; 12565167 NLC

Cryotube capacity:

1.8 ml

Cryotube description:

Internal thread; 1.8 mL, round bottom


Cryotube image

Aluminium Cane (for cryotubes)

DNA Tube




USA Scientific


Type of tube:

- 1.5 ml self-standing screw cap tube, natural 500/pack Item No.: 1415-9700 Scientific USA

- 2.0 ml self-standing screw cap tube, natural 500/pack Item No: 1420-9700 Scientific USA

Tube capacity:

1.5 and 2.0 mL

Tube description:

Saf-T-Seal screw cap microcentrifuge tubes are strong enough to withstand centrifugation up to 20,000 x g.
Suitable for use in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage, -80°C freezers, boiling, and autoclaving.
Deep external threads protect against sample loss and seal failure.
An interior U channel in the lid keeps the ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) "O"-ring in place as the cap is tightened.
RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogen free.

Tube image


Cryo Box





Type of rack

5026 SYSTEM 100 Cryobox for 100 vials

Box image

Cryo Rack





Type of Rack:

Stainless steel

Rack Image:

Cryo Tank




Taylor Warthon

Type of Tank:

RS Series, aluminum body

Tank Image:


Contact reference: Edwin Rojas (IT Specialist, ), Rainer Vollmer/Genoveva Rossel/Rocio Alagon (Laboratory Staff), Dave Ellis (Genebank Manager,