CIPs global database of field trials for potato and sweetpotato


The Global Trial Data Management System (GTDMS) is a web-based one-stop shop to help users have access to information and analytical tools and integrate CIP’s breeding and evaluation projects – Genetics and Crop Improvement (GCI) and Regional Programs. GTDMS is conceived as a vehicle for dissemination of knowledge and technology. 

At the moment the GTDMS hosts: a) Informative Web Pages. b) Online catalogue of varieties and advancedclones. c) Six modules of CIP’s International Cooperator’s Guide for evaluation of advanced potato clones implemented in the “Data Collector Software’’ developed in ‘R’ language to support collecting data of field or greenhouse experiments, statistical analysis and visualization of results. d) The visual interface “Biomart’’ built using the plant ontology as a structured vocabulary and database resource (MySQL) that links phenotypic and data as well as trial metadata, pedigree, geographic, soil and climate data.

In addition e) Breeding Tools System Technologies like: e.1.- CIPCROSS supports the use and management ofpockets and portable printers in the crossing block. It facilitates the labeling of progenitors, crosses and the true seed families in storage. e.2.- Map Specific Trials Sites (MSTS) has 109 experimental sites with respective data sets. e.3.- “SHINY” is a web application  in R to produce any number of outputs like plots, tables, and summaries of climate data. f) Participatory Varietal Selection (PVS), users can be automatically created the fieldbook with the ‘’Data Collector software”. It is ready for collect the field data and the participative selections works.


See the agenda for the February, 2012 workshop for breeders in Lima, Peru.




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