Catalogue of Advanced Clones


This catalogue is intended to provide relevant information about advanced potato clones developed at the International Potato Center (CIP). These clones are currently available for worldwide distribution to potato research programs and other interested parties, such as: national programs, universities, associations of producers and farmer communities. The advanced clones listed in this catalogue combine several traits, such as: resistance to late blight and viruses, high productivity, among others. They were selected from the CIP breeding program and can be used to generate new varieties through further selection and validation with farmers and other chain actors according to the specific context and needs within each recipient country.

How to use this catalogue

This catalogue is designed so that users can access information in two ways: The first, if the accession number of the clone is known, directly use the option "choose a clone". Or, search by traits in the section "search for clones", define your parameters and view the results of your search

How to order

To order clones, "click" the cart that appears on the page of each clone. So that the genotype will automatically be included in your order. Next, complete the information requested and submit the form as indicated. will contact you to coordinate the management of all necessary documentation for the shipment of the order.