About the Potato Knowledge Portal

The Potato Knowledge Portal (PKP) is a collaborative project aimed to provide easy access to technical and scientific information on potato and, by doing so, the nutrition and food security of people around the world will be improved. This is the website where potato professionals, people in charge of potato breeding programs and potato industry leaders meet to share, discuss, examine experiences and implement ideas to improve knowledge and build a motivated community of people interested in the ever changing and specialized world of potato. Welcome to the Potato Knowledge Portal!

Breeding Programs

You will learn about our Breeding Programs: Standard Evaluation Trials, Potato Breeding for Resistance to Virus, Potato Breeding LB Resistance...

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You will learn about our Projects: Potato CWR Pre Breeding Project, Integrating Genomics Assisted Breeding (CCLF), Distribution Panel for Genetic...

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You will learn about E-Learning: Methods for Inoculation and Evaluation of Potato Clones for Virus Resistance, Procedures and Crossing Techniques...

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You will learn about our Protocols: Producing Seed Tuber, Healthy Tuber Yield Trials, Field Assessment of Resistance in Potato to Phytophtora...

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Potato Varieties

The Catalogue of Potato Varieties contains information of 70 potato varieties selected from breeding material provided by the International Potato Center (CIP).

Advanced Clones

This Catalogue of Advanced Clones is intended to provide relevant information about advanced potato clones developed at the International Potato Center (CIP).